Radio Interviews



Listen to radio interviews with Rebecca Stott by clicking on the links below:-

Woman’s Hour interview about The Coral Thief with Jane Garvey, Dec 24th, 2009

Interview about Ghostwalk between Rebecca Stott and Jane Small
for BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour, Spring 2007

Interview about Ghostwalk between Rebecca Stott and a Cambridge Book Group
for A Book a Day in May. Borders Bookshop. Produced by Sue Dougan. May 2008

Rebecca Stott reads from Ghostwalk, A Book A Day in May,
May 1st 2008. Borders Bookstore. Produced by Sue Dougan.


The Wonders of Physics, Wisconsin Public Radio Interview, June 2008
Interview about the use of physics in Ghostwalk with Anne Strainchamps

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Rebecca Stott about Ghostwalk interviewed by National Public Radio,
New York about Melville’s Moby Dick. June 2007